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Great innovative waste and recycling solutions require change. The team here at Clever will guide you throughout the process setting agreed plans and objectives and supporting you every step of the way.

Each of our solutions are bespoke and collaboration is key to success. Big innovations can produce an immediate, measurable return on bottom line. However, innovation can also be simple things such as removing or reducing waste containers, introducing tap water filtration systems, or simply setting your printers to copy on both sides of the paper. All these small simple changes can have far-reaching consequences for reducing, reusing and recycling your resources.

Innovation may also require technology, equipment and operational change. Upstream engagement such as dialogue with internal procurement departments can provide valuable understanding of long-term objectives and resources. Managing staff engagement can often be a challenge on the way to success and our dedicated Account Managers will ensure we navigate the changes with you and your team and provide support to inform and embed the change.

Innovation has always driven our business; we believe it will become ever more critical in the future as the data culture grows. Our consultancy model remains the driving force behind our operation, bringing the benefits of solutions not overshadowed by the need to fill waste vehicles.

Environmental Sustainability

Inspires our choices, whether it be Carbon Neutrality, Cradle to cradle or simply Zero waste to Landfill we drive you to be the very best version. Developing a sustainability plan is no easy task. Regardless of size of business it is vital that your recycling partner supports your sustainability objectives as we can mitigate potential risks of falling behind on your competition.

New environmental legislation is continually coming down the line and Clever are here to help you prepare for new policy implementations.

We help our customers find practical solutions to often complex problems. Where others see waste, we see potential. The potential to reduce the materials businesses produce. The potential to treat what others throw away as valuable materials that can be reused or recycled. And the potential to reduce costs while doing so.

Finally, sustainable practices should not be seen as incompatible with the bottom line. Environmental sustainability should offer efficient processes, helping companies to save time and generate value.

Operational Efficiency

We will challenge and drive the operational change needed to achieve your goals. Recycling equipment / Seasonality / Emergency Collections / Engaging staff / Receptacle audits etc our Clever team are on hand to support. By analysing the causes of waste within your business processes and taking a systematic approach to eliminating them, your business can keep waste operational challenges to a minimum.

Lean Thinking and the ‘Clever Six’ are management techniques that can help streamline workflow, deliver quality improvements, and increase efficiency and profitability in all kinds of businesses.

Reducing waste and becoming more efficient go hand in hand. However, there are times when you may need to decide between reducing the amount of waste you generate and making your processes more efficient.

Financial Return

Waste is never going to be cheap and that’s why Clever drives to rethink, refuse single use, reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose, recycle and recover. The 9Rs of Waste Management is a 9-part process that starts at the top of the thought hierarchy with Rethink and gives useful direction all the way down to the final and least desirable option before throwing something away. Is your waste and recycling strategy on course to deliver a net income yet?


Our ‘Clever’ tech team produce reports and analyse trends and data. This approach to management information ensures decisions are made competently, fact based and with absolute transparency and clarity. Importantly we also provide you with your own dedicated Account Manager to review and extrapolate the data to spot trends and opportunities that would otherwise be lost.


We build long term relationships by understanding your business and provide dedicated points of contact. We will only recommend effective solutions that provide growth, sustainability and sound financial management. At the end of the day ‘Environment Matters’

Just some of our recent project Innovations.

Reverse Vending Machines Manchester

Reverse Vending Machines

Encouraging best environmental practice and recycling…. Use those bags for life to collect plastic and paper items throughout the week.

Baling and Compaction Recycling Machines Manchester

Compactors & Balers

Whilst we offer a full range of baling and compaction machines we also offer bespoke equipment. The automatic conveyor fed vertical baler is for those customers with space limitations that don’t allow for larger horizontal machines. With ‘mill size’ weights achieved and wire tied our balers ensure you achieve premium market rates.

Bespoke Recycling Units Manchester

Bespoke Recycling Units

Bespoke recycling units to suit any environment be it office, canteen or factory floor.

Kitchen Based Waste Digestor Manchester

Kitchen Waste  Innovation

A kitchen based digestor is able to process 180kg of waste food in 24hrs with only waste water as an end product safe to discharge directly to sewer. Now that’s Clever!

Isle Recycling Sack Support Manchester

Isle Recycling Sack Support

In our experience keep it simple! Transparent end Isle Sacks support reduced contamination of recycled products.