Clever Recycling Manchester

Recyclables / Waste

The only way to ensure you are managing your waste efficiently is to assess opportunities for minimising waste volumes and introducing segregation at source. Single stream recycling is key and will direct volumes of recyclable materials down a more environmentally friendly route, which also costs less. 
Cardboard Waste Recycling Manchester

Cardboard Waste

We can collect and recycle all of your grades of cardboard and packaging. Card and paper can be recycled many times, using only half the energy it takes to make from raw materials. Clever have outlets with major paper mills meaning we get your materials directly to the end re-processor.

General Waste Recycling Manchester

General Waste

We guarantee landfill diversion however our primary aim is to support waste reduction helping you to generate less and recycle more, bringing your costs down.

Food Waste Recycling Manchester

Food Waste

Whether your a food manufacturer, processing factory, restaurant or kitchen/canteen leftovers we can arrange a Clever solution for all your food waste.

Plastic Waste Recycling Manchester

Plastic Waste

We have helped recycle over 10,000 tonnes of plastic in the last 12 months alone. Our ‘Clever’ team can manage your redundant plastic products whether it be simple shrink wrap, production wastes, redundant packaging or process waste we have a solution for all plastic types.

Glass Waste Recycling Manchester

Glass Waste

Perhaps the greatest of them all! 100% recyclable with no property loss. We offer a glass recycling collection service that allows waste glass to be converted into new single-colour glass or recycled as aggregate.

Dry Mixed Waste Recycling Manchester

Dry & Mixed 

Dry mixed recycling channels can recycle materials such as paper, plastic bottles and cans into one waste stream saving you space and time whilst improving your recycling credentials.

Hazardous Waste Recycling Manchester

Hazardous Waste

Helping you to know the most suitable collection type, supporting cost reduction and recovery. Managing hazardous waste and choosing disposal routes can be challenging and our dedicated hazardous team will find a solution that suits you environmentally and commercially.

Metal Waste Recycling Manchester

Metal Waste 

Billions of metal products are produced every year, including aerosols, aluminium cans, and materials for the construction industry. Good news – metal is 100% recyclable. We support our customers in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling to ensure best market values are achieved.

Confidential Waste Disposal Recycling Manchester

Confidential Disposal

We support customers in processing not only paper but also products – thus avoiding reputational damage and possible breaches of the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

Wood and Pallet Waste Recycling Manchester

Wood Waste & Pallets

Reused, repurposed or recycled. Clever can offer a full service from pallet Management to Wood Waste recycling.

Fabrics Waste Recycling Manchester

Fabrics & Textiles

All shapes and sizes can be recycled or even reused after you throw them away, so be sure to explore which option is most suitable for your materials.

Paper Waste Recycling Manchester

Paper Recycling

Paper is easily recycled and if your business produces it, there could be an opportunity to introduce closed-loop recycling where your waste paper is returned as new paper back into your business.